About the company
We founded our own Data Science department about five years ago and actively began to implement machine learning in our products. At the time, there were almost no ready-made ModelOps solutions sowe decided to develop the infrastructure ourselves, for the work we were doing.
We've got great products that cover all our scenarios and allow us to work with models from the moment an idea is born to supporting working solutions in our products.
We thought that our infrastructure could be useful to other people too so we launched our first product — Vektonn in open source.
About the team
He is currently involved in making Vektonn open source.

Check out our backlog to find out what Andrey will do next.

If you have any ideas on how to improve our product, please contact us! We will gladly add the task to our list for development.
This is Andrey
This is Grisha
He was the one who developed Vektonn for internal use.

Grisha knows the most about use cases, implementation features, and why choose one solution over another.

Now Grisha advises us on all issues and is the mastermind behind the project.
And this is Pasha
Pasha is the first person who believed in our product and sent the first third-party request with improvements.

During working hours, Pasha is engaged in the automation of technical support and works with state machines in chatbots.

If you'd like to implement some features in our product, just reach out! Let's make Vektonn better together.