Open source deployment ML & AI models
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All models
Support all popular models - CV, NLP, classic ML
Permission Management
Select, who can access each model, and who can change it
Standardize and speed up workflows
Service creation with a clear contract takes several hours instead of days
Data Version
Full code and data provenance help track the complete evolution of every ML model. This guarantees reproducibility and makes it easy to switch back and forth between experiments
Data scientists
No problems with library dependencies during the first deployment, retraining or working with multiple versions of models, monitoring the quality of the models. More info
Same API, no need to support many identical services, the level of observability increases
Reduce Time-to-market, no need to synchronize the work of developers and DS
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More features for
Data Scientists
Build complex machine learning pipelines in minutes
Choose from any library, framework, or language of your choice
Scale AI for faster results
Production ready machine learning pipelines in seconds
Standardize workflows built to cut grunt work and accelerate results
Store and manage entire teams machine learning datasets
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